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Group Wealthy Witch VIP DAY: Build Your Biz, Amplify Your Magick

aka THE Group VIP DAY for Rebel Healers, Rich Witches, and Priestesses who want more and are ready now.


MARCH 16th 9:30AM to 5:30PM!

$555 paid in full through Feb 21st, then $777.

Embody your next level of leadership and femme business and life.

Ecstatic dance and cacao ceremony.

Rituals and celebrations.

Strategy and action and Coaching.

Rich Witch VIP DAY: Build Your Biz, Amplify Your Magick

aka THE VIP DAY for Rebel Healers, Rich Witches, and Priestesses who want more and are ready now.

Phoenix Rising

Over the course of our seven weeks together, we will transform and up level every aspect of your life! 

This is a seven week intimate deep dive experience for the woman who wants to upgrade, up level and completely transform her life, love and business. The desired outcomes are for massive transformation and up levels in wealth, purpose and passion.

At the end of our seven week journey, you will feel completely transformed and illuminated and deeply embodied.

What is it and who is it for?
Yes, we’re going to tackle everything together in seven delicious weeks.

This is for the woman who has built a six-figure business and burned out and burned it down (or, wanted to, and is now stuck).

This is for the woman who is ready to quit her day job and go all in on her life’s purpose. 

This is for the woman who is sick of being inside of relationships where she’s not fully understood, heard or appreciated.

This is for the woman who wants it all and has been told many times that she is too much.

This is for the woman who wants to squeeze the juice out of everything life has to offer.

This is for the woman who knows she gets to have pleasure and play and ease and joy and consistent high cash months through a soul aligned business.

What's Included?
Rituals. Star charts. Private one on one mentorship and attention. Weekly prompts and journal guides. Custom crafted audio meditations delivered straight to our private Telegram channel. Weekly walk and talk video coaching call deep dives. 

Every single week will have the following components:

  • A recorded video module prompt for what to expect in this week’s live session and the work we’re doing together.
  • A journal prompt and worksheet prompt section to help my client dive into the materials and write and reflect.
  • A Telegram channel open for conversation, check ins, celebrations and processing.
  • A guided audio meditation crafted specifically for her sent on Monday morning via Telegram.
  • A live video coaching session.

We will use ritual, magick and alchemy to transform your life, love and business for good.

CEO Enchantress (TM)

CEO Enchantress my signature seven-week practical magic business school to help you up level your Rebelle healing online business so you can make the income and impact you crave.

This is for you if:

- You've been in business for years but have not yet hit consistent five figure months with pleasure, play, joy, and ease. 

- You have a brick and mortar style healing biz but you're ready for the freedom, flexibility, and income an online business will bring you.

- You have a successful business, but you crave helping more people and making more money, and this is the year you soar.

Take the leap. Pick a payment plan. Let's make your dreams into reality.


#1 Your Golden Heart: Niching and ANCESTRAL INVOCATION

#2 Your People: Connecting to Paying Clients and PRACTICAL INTUITION

#3 Your Mystic Charms: Signature Services and ASTROLOGY

#4 Your Vocation: Copy and Content Writing and FIRE MEDITATION

#5 Practical Magic: Social Relationships and CLAIRVOYANT ENERGY CYCLES

#6 Sacred Sales and the Wounded Healer and CALL RITUALS

#7 Into the Unknown: WTF Do I Do Now? and FUTURE LIFE PROGRESSION

Sacred Sales Priestess Winter 2024

7 module program to help you transform your sales into something SACRED.

Recorded Modules. Recorded calls. Recorded meditations and rituals!

Charm Clients IN!

Wanna know how to Charm Clients In?

Buy my three video series to help you figure out how to craft your content in a heart centered, authentic and sales focused way so that your dream clients see it...understand it...and buy it!

Charming Your Clients

Wanna know how to Charm Clients In?


TWO DAY Masterclass

Confident Queen

A brilliant masterclass on how to feel yourself, embody your divine leadership super powers, and walk through your own life with ease and peace.

Connect to Paying Clients


Connect to Paying Clients.

Learn how to connect to clients who want to pay you for your beautiful work in the world!

This DIY pre-recorded business bundle will help you directly connect to clients who want to pay you.


Authentic Connection

Charm Clients In

Magic Messaging

Land Your First (or next) Client

Let's Get Visible

BONUS: How I sold out my Mastermind program!

BONUS: How I sold out my 1:1 program!

Want more support?

Join me for Sacred Sales Priestess

Cosmic Cash and Courage

COSMIC CASH AND COURAGE: : How to show up online, help people and make bank!

DAY ONE - Show Up Online and Make Bank

DAY TWO - Talk and Get Paid (Podcasts, Networking + More)

DAY THREE - Teach and Make Money (How to Make and Sell Programs)

Create Your Signature Offer that Sells


Creating Your Signature Offer that Sells!

This bundle of pre-recorded training modules will help you:

- create your unique, signature program for your people.

- stand behind it and know what to share about it and when so that your clients buy it!

- get totally sold on the value of your work so that your people get sold too.

BUY now and keep it for life. Watch and re-watch. Take multiple program creations through this DIY business training program.


Outline of a Signature Offer


Stay True to Your Why (North Star)

Structuring for Consistent Income

Craveable Offers

Sacred Sales

BONUS Wild Abundance Masterclass 

BONUS Three C's of Upleveling Your Business

Want more support? Join me for Sacred Sales Priestess

Launch Like a Priestess

This program will walk you through my step by step, container and flow, femme marketing strategy to effectively launch your work into the world so that your clients can hire you!

Magic Messaging

This is for you if you want to figure out how to make sales content and copy even though you've got very little time!

Make a Plan

Want a step by step guide to make your plan to start your business and quit your day job for good? This 9 module program is for YOU!

This is my super unique and focused step by step program to help you finally figure out how to leave your job and start your purpose driven business.

Over 30 amazing people have gone through this program LIVE before I made it an amazing self paced course!

Check out their stories and more details at: https://www.emily-otto.com/makeaplancourse

Mega Course Bundle


Over $10k in Courses

Get immediate access to the following courses:

  • Sacred Sales Priestess ($1997)
  • CEO Enchantress ($1997)
  • Make A Plan ($997)
  • Six Figure Healer Foundations ($997)
  • Wealthy Woman ($997)
  • Premium Priestess  ($555)
  • Wild Success ($555)
  • Siren ($555)
  • Create Your Signature Offers That Sell ($297)
  • Connect to Paying Clients ($297)
  • Cosmic Cash and Courage ($297)
  • Rich Witch’s Guide to the Universe ($97)
  • Charm Client’s In ($97)
  • Charming Your Clients ($97)
  • Launch Like a Priestess ($97)
  • Uplevel Your Business ($97)
  • Confident Queen ($97)
  • Magic Messaging ($97)

Premium Priestess

This three part series will help you connect with your inner priestess, help people and make good money. This is especially for women who are on the priestess path. You get to help people, and support yourself in delicious and divine ways!

Rich Witch's Guide to the UNIVERSE

🪄 Tap into the full magic of the galaxy

🪄 Create consistent content, clients and cash

🪄 Be wildly abundant in love, life and work

For wild woman healers in business.

In this one hour program and in the guide, I'll be teaching you...

~*~*~* The sensual strategy YOU NEED to create consistent cash, connect with clients and INFUSE joy, ease and pleasure into your work. *~*~*~

~*~*~* The illuminating intimacy and invocations you WANT in your back pocket to move and access. the sweet juicy nectar that is running a business as a woman healer in the year 2023. *~*~*~

~*~*~* Sacred sales and how to create delicious invitations to work with you, HIRE you and invest in your programs so your clients get deep results, LOVE your work together and FEEL deeply satisfied and supported. *~*~*~

Here you are. Here we go.


Emily Otto, Business Mentor for Rebel Healers, Priestesses and Wild and Witchy Women


Charm and conjure your clients to you. The art of feminine enchantment so that you can help others and get what you want in your life, love and business.

Six Figure Healer: Practical, pleasurable wealth and business upgrades to take your biz to your first 10K month

🪄 Tap into your full, embodied magick

🪄 Create consistent content, clients and cash

🪄 Be wildly abundant in your soul aligned business

You have programs, offers, services and courses.

You’ve invested in things, tried lots of systems and strategies, but nothing was “the one”.

You KNOW you should be making more money, you’re way overqualified and really effing good at what you DO.

But…you’re just not feeling “there yet” and you wanna be.

You have a divine purpose. You have a soul’s calling…or seven…and you know your work gets to be pleasurable, joy filled and wickedly fulfilling while making you lots of cash and helping lots of people.

Yes, you get to. And I’m going to give you the foundations of HOW to have your first $10,000 cash month in just three days of live, hands on training with me. Hi, I’m Emily Otto, Rebelle INC and I’m a healer for healers. My modalities are heart centered marketing, sacred sales and purpose driven offers and business. It’s the thing I can’t not do. 

I want you to help people and make bank. You get to. I’m here to help you with the how.

I believe in real, hands-on training and tools while honoring the flow, magick and energy of the universe. So, when you register, you will get access to the LIVE videos, and also the recordings, but wait…there’s more.

Multiorgasmic Money and Consistent Cash

You get to have and hold lots of money…and it gets to be consistent AF too! I want you to create high recurring monthly revenue so that you can pay your bills and enjoy your wild and precious life. I’ll teach, coach and train on signature offers, consistent cash and how to get it, soul aligned money, and my unique AF money manifestation rituals. 

Sizzling Content that Sells and Heart Centered Marketing

What do you SAY so that your people buy it already? I’ll show you the what, why and HOW of creating delicious, authentic content that lights up your audience and has them drooling over your offers and excited to buy from you. You’ll get my 100 Content Prompts ebook to use again and again, I’ll walk you through my method of content pillars and buckets, we’ll do a lot of riffs on authenticity and heart, and I’ll take you through my ritual for magnetic marketing. 

Sacred Sales for Priestesses, Healers and Witches

HOW the hell do you have a wealthy business AND help people? Why, Sacred Sales, of course. I’ll show you the actual roadmap to how to make six figures again and again, blow your mind with my frame on Sacred Sales and Intimacy in Business, drop you my juicy millionaire mindset work, leave you lingering in the bath with my audio affirmations, and bust up any myths holding you back in our closing ritual.



Up Level Your Business

From zero to hero, go from making nothing in your biz to monthly recurring revenue, as you up level your work!

Wealthy Woman

Wealthy Woman. Become the wealthy woman you've been craving and dreaming of.

Rewrite your DNA with the keys to wealth for all wild women. Secret sisterhood. Training. Ritual. Invocations. Deep discussion. Activation. XOXO, Emily 

Wild Success

Wild Success

The energetics and embodiment of a rocking feminine business.

A five module coaching program for wild women, priestesses, witches and rebel healers.

Multiorgasmic Money


How do you create consistent, high amounts of yummy cash?

How do you have delicious, multiple orgasms?

This Intimacy Witch in Business is gonna give you all the juice on the how to in three short modules and journal/ritual prompts.

Come and get it <3 

And then, join me for Sacred Sales Priestess! We start February 21st. 

Rich Witch Summer Camp

Sign up and get immediate access to nine incredible training modules to claim your rich witch life!

Sacred Sales and The Wounded Healer

Selling can be sacred. It's a service. It's sacred. And it gets to be heart-centered, consent-based, and trauma-informed.

In one hour, learn how to sell from this divinely downloaded Masterclass so that...

> selling doesn't feel forced or inauthentic

> you don't avoid it, and instead lean into it

> it doesn't feel cringe to talk about your offers

Mentorship Session

A 60 minute full coaching session AND a week of TELEGRAM coaching, complete with recording for the session, so that you can have a tangible strategy and flowing energetically aligned plan to make the impact and income you crave.

You get to help more people AND make more money. 

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