Sacred Sales Priestess Fall 2022

7-week program!

Recorded Modules. Recorded meditations and rituals!

Live Q&A calls weekly.

FB group for sharing and support.

We begin September 2022!

Calls will be 1:30 PM EST on Tuesdays.

11 Modules

Week One: Money Beliefs and Receiving More

Before you can make regular, high amounts of cash, you've gotta get in a good heart and head space with the money and receiving. Week one we'll take a deep dive to uproot any limiting beliefs around money, cash and receiving so that you can invite more abundance in ASAP. We root out what doesn't serve and repattern with what does.

Week Two: Your Offering, Consent and Heart

Your work has your resonance baked into it from the very beginning. I'll show you how to create a consent focused, trauma informed way to sell from the heart. Heart centered selling. Sounds weird, but, this is the key to enjoying sales while you enjoy your work and clients too!

Week Three: Your Unique Sales Process (phone, text and voice memo oh my)

Just like your business and work itself, your sales process needs to be unique AF to you.

I'm going to show you how to craft one that works and lights you up from the inside out.

You get to be authentic and feminine and magnetic while making sales and receiving clients and income.

Let's use your tools to your advantage!

Week Four: Sales Posts (aka WTF do I say about my offer)

This is the number one thing I hear from healers - - - WTF do I say about my work! I don't even know where to start. I do things, it's good, hire me. Yeah, no. This week we'll get into the nitty gritty details of what to say so that your people know your work is for them and you can close sales with ease and realness.

Week Five: Social Selling - Insta, FB, FB Groups, YouTube, TikTok

Now you've nailed wtf to say, but, how do you talk about it and where? This week, we're diving into the major social platforms so I can show you HOW to use them to give value to your people, engage and make sales. The strategy is similar but different so we'll be going over Instagram, FB, FB groups, YouTube and TikTok too (not affiliated with any of these businesses)!

Week Six: Recruiter Technology and Tracking to make more cash and serve more people.

I spent 15 years in HR as a manager and a Sr. Recruiter. I've been selling for over two decades! But, I used to sell businesses and jobs. I'm going to show you how I hired over 1,000 people and teach you Recruiter Tech that will work for you and your client conversion process. The divine feminine play gets a bit of a masculine corporate structure so that you can flow with wild, fruitful ease. 

Week Seven: Energetics of Consistent Cash

The holy grail of business for healers is consistent cash. That was my main goal quitting corporate and transitioning to full time work I love. I'll show you the exact mindset, strategy and actions I took to get there and stay there. My income is steady and consistent and I love it that way and so do my clients! 


Bonuses - The $25 Webinar & Ebook - Doing it Right Daily - 5 Minute Mindset Practice - Sales Pages, what to write so your people know your work is for them

BONUS: How to Host Your Own Successful Facebook Group!

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